CCTV Maintenance

Why do I need a CCTV Maintenance?

  Installing CCTV cameras in home and office premises is an advance way of controlling crime proceedings. And of course to make certain that CCTV system working properly you need to go through CCTV maintenance checklist. While making plans on CCTV monitoring check with system is faulty or working in a good state. In many cases it is found the CCTV information retrieval requesting person is not aware about the faulty functionality of CCTV camera and after crime while trying to check the evidence not able to make it.

As per CCKART CCTV maintenance program we ensure that all your CCTV cameras, systems running in latest stage on security mapping.

What We Provide in Maintenance:-

  • Auto iris and Camera lens focus adjustment
  • Inspection of all cameras and image quality
  • Cleaning in/out of camera and housing viewing glasses
  • Dust free camera lens
  • Camera interior should be clean and dry
  • Checking and updating the date and time settings of all equipment
  • Perform Video and Audio signal test
  • Checking operation of pan tilt
  • Checking control room effect on Zoom focus
Cable & Wiring Maintenance
  • Checking wearing and cable connect
  • Cable cover to check properly
  • Checking cable connectors and entry points to prevent loose connection
  • Check video signal is proper through the cable

     Control Equipment Maintenance

  • Monitors are blank from other images
  • Contrast and brightness effect in Monitor
  • VCR quality to check error free recordings
  • Cleaning all monitors, systems of CCTV camera and keyboards in diluted solution
  • Testing DVR /NVR recording
  • Testing remote connection through external broadband sources

Know what is excluded from Maintenance?

  • This is a service contact in between client and CCKART on engineers visit for yearly maintenance. So, outside of yearly visit engineers maintenance charges aren’t included
  • Damage on system or any part which require replacement due to deterioration will be charged out of maintenance

There are many other parts you need to check while go for CCTV maintenance contract. If you have any queries feel free to contact us to check our Full CCTV Maintenance Service. Call us 9777732342