CCTV Evidence Retrieval

CCTV Evidence Retrieval

CCTV or closed camera television is playing an important role in endeavoring secure system against the criminals or searching on opportunities to play criminal activity. Often it creates dread in criminal mind to change plan due to surveillance system but instead it aid more to police and judiciary system identifying a culprit with ease. CCTV Camera provides assistance on handling the evidence and examining it through Digital media. We provide services in inspecting, analyzing, recovering files, data, recording and capturing all required positions with a required reporting structure.

  While dealing with data retrieval our CCTV Camera technicians are trained and skilled particularly on dealing with HDD equipment which gone through damage, misuse or recovering the deleted files.

Guidelines We Follow at CCKART:-

  If, you are looking for our services on recovering CCTV information or data file management must go through below guidelines for assistance.

  • Evidence on criminal proceedings
  • Prevention on crime
  • Revealing crime
  • Identifying Witness
  • Evidence on civil proceedings

While disclosing adequate data with third parties we follow

  • Police
  • constitutional authorities
  • Civil Proceedings
  • Accused personals
  • Defendant in criminal activities
  • Any other agency on legal purpose

DATA protection at CCKART

  Under terms and guidelines of data protection to any individual access must have permission on providing following data-

  • Request on Writing
  • Specific fee on individual search
  • The Data controller to be supplied with adequate information to identify the person
  • Requesting making person need to provide required information on time, date, place to help data controller locate information with ease.

Process to follow on Disclosure

  The data controller must verify the agents and accuracy of the request with person making the request.

  • The viewing must happen in special room and not in a control area.
  • Only requested data to be searched and shown to the request making person.
  • Any other individuals mustn’t be identified in the view
  • If requested for a copy or material there shouldn’t n any on-site view on editing option.